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Kids beds - From the standard to the fun

There are numerous different styles and types of kids beds to choose from depending on what you are looking for. There are the standard types of kids beds that come in different materials and with different types of mattresses. There are also many different types of fantasy beds which are suitable for boys and girls and come in such as a replica race car to a princess castle. There are also kids beds that save an enormous amount of space by fitting in such as a wardrobe, study area and drawers and of course there are the traditional bunk beds.

When looking for standard beds then buying cheap is not always the best, after all you usually only get what you pay for and kids beds that are very cheap will not last five minutes. You have to give thought to the fact that children use their beds as trampolines, tents and anything else that they can bring to the imagination. Therefore you need to payout as much as possible if you want the bed to last. You also have to pay attention to the mattress as again these come in different materials, some being a lot cheaper than others. Cheaper mattresses will probably not last and the springs will soon be coming through if jumped on too many times.

If space is a problem in the room then kids beds in the form of captains beds are a great choice. These types of kids beds are suitable for an older child as they will have a ladder to climb when it comes to bedtime. However this is great as the bed is off the floor and this leaves the space under the bed for a great study area. If your child is into computers then this will provide a place for the computer and the equipment. There are usually a number of shelves or drawers in the captains kids beds which is again a great space savings feature and saves you having to payout for furniture. There is usually a wardrobe at the end of these types of kids beds which provides clothes hanging space and depending on the size this might be adequate for the child without needing to buy another.

The price you wish to payout for kids beds will depend on the material and construction of the bed. It is always worth paying out a little extra for a sturdy bed that will last, than buying one that will need replacing in a short space of time.

There are numerous fantasy beds which can either be bought ready made and these are the dearest choice or there are companies that supply beds flat packed which you put together yourself, which is the cheapest way to buy these types of kids beds. If you are good at DIY then you can just pay out for the materials needed and follow a picture of the bed and this can save you an enormous amount of money. However you would have to ensure that kids beds did meet with any safety requirements.

kids beds
types of kids come in different materials beds