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Beds for children - styles and ideas to choose from

When it comes to choosing beds for children the styles are numerous and which might be the most suitable will depend on many factors. Some of the things you have to take into account include the age of your children, the size of the bedroom and whether you want to keep things neat and tidy or you have room to spread out.

If you have very little space and want to make the most of this space then consider going for beds for children that are in the bunk bed/twin loft style. These are not only excellent for those with little space but also if you have more than one child in the same room or they have friends over to stay on a regular basis. These beds for children come in many different styles and colors which mean there should be something suitable for all styles of rooms. The simplest of this style are the standard bunk beds; these are two single beds, one above the other with a ladder to get to the top most bunk. Some may have drawers underneath the bottom bunk which allows for plenty of storage. When choosing beds for children you could also consider the bunk bed and study area, this gives a single bed on top and a fold away bed underneath. When the bed is folded there is plenty of room for a study area for the computer and drawers for extra storage.

Loft bunk beds are an excellent choice when it comes to choosing beds for children. Loft bunk beds vary in size depending on the amount of room you have, you could also choose a bi-loft bed. This style of beds for children will fit into the corner of the room and provides you with two single beds, which are head to head. If you do not have the room for a bi-loft, then choose a single loft bed. When considering beds for children the beauty of the loft bed is that there is plenty of room underneath the bed, this is for storage and also allows you to have a large study area.

If your child is younger you can also consider junior loft beds for children. These give you a single bed which is lower to the ground than the traditional loft bed with a play area underneath the bed, which is usually by way of a tented area and most include a slide. This bed is an excellent choice when looking for beds for children and a fun one.

When looking for beds for children then consider the study bed if your child is older. This gives a single bed over the top of a large study area. The study area will usually consist of a full size computer desk and chair, which allows plenty of room for hitting the books. The majority of these will also provide shelving, cupboards and drawers which keeps everything neat and tidy all in one space. Study beds will range in size and the larger ones will fit into the corner of the room. This type is very popular among beds for children when looking for the older child.

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