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Beds For Kids... Where to Begin?

Beds for kids are some of the hardest things to shop for as a parent. There are so many options, and so many things that a parent wants! Possible beds for kids include bunk beds, theme beds, convertible beds... the list goes on and on! Here's a starting guide to introduce parents to the many options when shopping for beds for kids.

If you have a young child or toddler, some of the best beds for kids are convertible beds. You can find beds for kids that convert from cribs to toddler or even full-sized beds! These beds are a great value as they will have you covered for years, from when your baby is a newborn to when they go off to their first day of school!

Bunk beds are also a classic and economical choice that can even save space in your child's room. Different types of bunk beds include standard bunk beds that have one bed directly above another, as well as loft-style bunk beds where you can have a desk or other items under the top bunk in lieu of a second bed. When talking about beds for kids, bunk beds will likely always be one of the most popular choices.

If you ask your child about what they want personally, they'll likely want a novelty bed. Novelty beds are more about appearance and fun then value or function, and often take the shape of large race cars, doll houses, castles... pretty much anything your child can imagine! The advantages to these types of beds for kids are aesthetic appeal, as they will look great in a themed room, and of course the fact that your child will absolutely love them. Again, with these types of beds for kids, the only limit to what you can find is your imagination, as there are thousands of different novelty beds available.

If you have a little girl at home, you probably already know of canopy beds, which are very popular with girls who want to feel like the princesses they see on TV. Canopy beds are popular beds for kids that combine function and value with a style that your child will love. Canopy beds will combine an elegant and classic look with a fun experience for your child.

Other great beds for kids include captain's beds and sleigh beds. Captain's beds are great beds for kids because they offer a lot of storage space, conveniently located right below the bed. If you have multiple kids in one room, or if your child's room is not particularly large, you will definitely want to look into a captain's bed to get extra storage room. Sleigh beds are great beds for kids, especially older ones, as they age well along with your kids and won't appear to be too childish when your son or daughter gets older. They provide a classic look with modern comfort, and are a great choice for kids as well as adults!

Only you can really decide which bed is right for your child, although with the sheer amount of choices available, there's certain to be something that fits your needs that your child will enjoy. When shopping for beds for kids, remember to consider value, function and what your child enjoys!

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